Over the New Year period 1999-2000 Suzie and I went on a tour of Chile. That's the long skinny country on the pacific coast of south america. We saw tons of impressive scenery and regional wildlife, and visited several national parks. I took my fancy digital camera with me to record the views, animals and other stuff so I could put lots of pretty pics of it all for you to see, so you can get an idea of what we did where, and what it looked like. So delve in and enjoy!!! Click the pictures below (after the 1st three), to go to the pages on each place we went.

Chile 2000

On the way to Chile, we had chance to stop off in Madrid and see Carlos and Annabel and some other folks. The 6 hours we had there consisted of being on the metro or drinking beer in a tapas bar. As you can probably guess, it was Suzie's idea, and as usual, by some miracle actually worked. It was however really cold!!!

Click this pic to see some spectacular views from the mountains east of Santiago.

Click the erupting geyser to see pics from our visit to the north of Chile including San pedro de Atacama and Calama in the Atacama desert, the resorts of Arica and Iquique, the former penal colony at Pisagua and the geysers.

Click the lake to see pics of the lake and volcano from our visit to the ???? national park at the south end of the lakes region.

Click the reflection of us in the still sea water to see pics from our boat trip through the fjords.

Click the granite massif to see pics from our visit to the Torres del Paine national park in the far south of Chile.

Click the courting penguins to see pics from our visit to the penguin sanctuary near Punta Arenas