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Oi! Oi! Oi !!!

Punk Rooooolz !

We Were

The FAiRiEs!

Stay tuned for the end of civilisation as you know it! The FAiRiEs cometh!

Are you calling us FAiRiEs? Well, that's what we are, so I suppose you will just have to then! The Fairies are a sadly defunct punk band that broke out of Rochester, South East Minnesota, the likes of which had not been seen since the MISFITS, RAMONES, SEX PISTOLS, or the TOY DOLLS decades ago!!! (Not in Rochester anyway...)

Their MISFITS and TOY DOLLS influences are worn on proudly their sleeves, readily apparent by the exuberant and frequent use of the "Oi". The ear ripping percussion of Nick "Animal" Reiter the overdriven guitars of Dan "Devaint/Free Radical" White and Eric "Carnage" Shurson with plenty of feedback obviously, the thunderous bass of Abby "Squeaky" Conley and the Bez on steroids on stage carnage (and a bit of bass) of Bruce "That Gimp Guy" Henke and most of all the Essex Boy/Johnny Rotten-esque vocals of Mad Steve "The Catalyst" Murphy are a slap in the face for the turn of the millennium's american plastic pop culture's over produced aural chewing gum garbage music industry.

The time for the second punk revolution has come! It is multinational. It is very loud. It will scare your granny.

email the FAiRiEs at fairies@chalkie.org.uk