Yes, you lucky lucky people, here you can download the entire recorded work of the FAiRiEs. Happy listening. Health Warning! Some material is non parentable. It will scare your granny.


FAiRiEs Music Page

The FAiRiEs -

Nevermind the Bottom

CD, spring 2001.

Thanks to Mike Thompson / Lastminute Records for production and recording

Cut out and keep CD sleeve artwork below!(sadly not scratch and sniff, but then, you can’t have everything can you...)

The FAiRiEs


Recorded on an ancient stereo tape deck with perpendicular microphones in a barn outside Rochester, DD house basement and other glamourous locations, 2000 ish

The FAiRiEs

Dodgy Demos

(sorry broken links, due to lost files, real player needed) recorded in late 1999 on a boombox in a Mayo Clinic seminar room, with original bassist Paul "Hooligan" Couvrer, with kitchen utensils and trash cans as the drum kit.