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1-4: Music by Phonons.  Drums by Felix Phonon. Bass Guitar by Dan Phonon. Electric Guitar by Per Phonon.

2,3: Words and Shouting by Dan Phonon.

4: Lyrics and Singing by Per Phonon.

Recorded 25th July 2010

    @ Auditorium, MPI-CBG, Dresden, DE.

Recorded by Silke G.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered

by Dan Phonon.

Phonon Thanks:

    MPI-CBG for providing a place to make music and a fine drum kit, and also users of the library and light microscopy facility, and research labs close to the auditorium who never complained about the noise.

    Nine A.M. for lending us drum kit mics, stands, etc.

Instruments and Equipment:

    Felix Phonon:

Drum kit by Gretch (it’s a Jazz kit)

Cymbals: Felix’s own

    Dan Phonon:

Yamaha Precision Bass in black

Older and newer Yamaha and other strings

Behringer Ultrabass BX600

Boss ODB3 Bass Overdrive

Fender Delrin 0.6 picks and blistered digits

    Per Phonon:

Epiphone Special II in black

Peavey Bandit 112 combo amplifier (loud)

Fingers, picks, GHS boomers, Ernie Ball Super Slinkys?


Sure SM58 vocal mics

Drum mics courtesy of Nine A.M.

Multichannel live recording: 9 simultaneous tracks to an

Alesis MultiMix 12 Firewire digital audio interface into an

Apple MacBookPro running Reaper.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered in Apple GarageBand

D-Fibrillate EP