Möykky were:

Dr. Suzie "pitch perfect" Mills - Bass Guitar (English - failing Finnish)

Dr. Dan "The Gurner" White - Guitar and vocals (English - failing Finnish)

Klaus Fl-"öride"-chinger (Hitting noisy things like drums and stuff with sticks. German - becoming Finnish)

Thomas "Metal Messiah" Kühn (Rhythm Guitar - German - becoming Finnish)

Trivia corner. Möykky.....? What's all that about then?

Möykky means bump or lump, in Finnish. Like a bump in the road for instance, driving over which in a winnebago, causes your cup of sahti to fall off the table. Upon this happening repeatedly, due to frequent road construction, the driver is requested to shout "MÖYKKY! " when approaching such obstacles in order to prevent further spillage. This vessel raising then turns into a general version of "cheers" for any drinking purpose, and also the battle cry of Jyväskylä Rugby Club: JRC

Dan used to play in The Fairies back in Rochester MN, USA from 1999 to 2001. You can download their music by following this link Nevermind the Bottom (if you are a glutton for punishment, that is.) He has been involved in music since he was a nipper, playing euphonium and tuba at school, and even learning how to read music and all about them old classical composer chaps. Whilst being adept at playing the recorder and traffic cone, playing guitar and singing at the same time has proved to be a bit tricky, but it's getting better. Klaus has been making copious quantities of noise for a long time, and used to play a bit of guitar, and hit some drums. Now, after a couple of years of blood, sweat and tears in the rehearsal room he has achieved the highest loudness/size ratio of any drummer in existence. Thomas is a German thrash metal messiah. He has owned a guitar for several years, but only with Möykky has he begun to develop his talent. Attitude is everything. Suzie only began playing bass a couple of years ago. Her previous musical experience includes robotic piano and expulsion from her girls school's choir. She is about as good as Sid Vicious was, but far more attractive.

By the way, George and Tony ... what’s all that about then? Thanks microsoft for making my work day so stress free. I only have to restart word 10 or so times ...