1: Ramones.MP4 - by Motörhead, about the Ramones, obviously.

2: some.MP4 - by Möykky, end removed due to Malto content.

3: IfJesusplayed.MP4 - by Möykky. Could Jesus play guitar?

4: Intothenight.MP4 - by Bad Religion. Ohhhhhhh scary! Behind you!

5: Hybridmoments.MP4 - by The Misfits, from the jackass soundtrack

6: Deadcities.MP4 - by The Exploited. Scottish urban decay, terrible thing that, which can only be saved by punk rock

7: CharmOffensive.MP4 - by Möykky. Is his charm offensive to you?

8: Shootfirst.MP4 - by Möykky. Oh sorry! Was that a hospital?

9: Alko.MP4 - by Möykky. Sing along-a Möykky

11: HateToSay.mov - by The Hives. Especially for Jarmo!

12: Wheresmejumper.MP4 - by The Sultans of Ping F.C. My dog will be so, so angry...

13: Surfinbird.MP4 - by The Trashmen, also the Ramones and the Cramps etc. A-Ba Ba Ba Ba.....

The “Music” of Möykky

in sound ...

...and video, from the JRC christmas party 2005

Shelter from Bombs, LP


Mono Wire

Irony, EP